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PT. Nifa Persada Teknindo was officially established in 2011. Prior to this, PT. Nifa Persada Teknindo is a small workshop known as CV Kharisma Cipta which has been established since 2004. From the very beginning, we have focused on main products such as PTFE Lining, Gaskets, and Thermo Cover. Until now, we have developed several products such as Expansion Joint Metal, Expansion Joint Fabric, Flexible Hose, Mechanical Seals, to general Metal Fabrication products. We strive to provide complete machining facilities, adequate work equipment and the best human resource experience in the field, we are committed to completing all customer orders in a timely manner and product quality, so that customer satisfaction can be achieved.
Product NFA Nifa Persada Teknindo
Rubber Bellows PTFE

Expansion Joint Rubber Lining PTFE

Spool Pipe PTFE

PTFE Lining

PTFE Lining Vessel

Tank Lining

Flexible Hose Metal Lining PTFE

Flexible Hose PTFE


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