Nifa Persada Teknindo

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Our Legality

In Indonesia, companies need a legality letter to operate, in this case PT. Nifa Persada Teknindo has the legality to be able to run our business, our entire industry is legal from the central government and local governments.

Taxable Employer Confirmation Letter (SPPKP)

No : PEM-01523/WPJ.22/KP.0803/2011
No : PEM-0006374ER/WPJ.22/KP.0803/2011

Domicile of Business (SKDU)

No. 517/03/IV/Ekbang

Deed of Incorporation

No. 16 Tanggal 10 Juni 2011 Notaris Shinta Kusuma Sakti, SH. SK KEMENKUMHAM No. AHU-38858.AH.01.01.Tahun.2011

Business Registration Number (NIB)


Business Interference Permit

No. 566.71/004/00165/BPMPTSP/2015

Deed of Change of Company

No. 30 Tanggal 17 Juli 2019 Notaris Suwanda, SH., MKn SK KEMENKUMHAM No. AHU-0112795.AH.01.11.Tahun.2019

Tax ID


Certificate of Company Registration (TDP) s/d Febuari 2022

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