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The New Face

New Building of PT Nifa Persada Teknindo

New Location, New Building, New Logo

PT NIFA PERSADA TEKNINDO established in 2011 Formerly known as CV KHARISMA CIPTA that had stood since 2004.

PT. NIFA PERSADA TEKNINDO began to make improvements in terms of human resources, management and also in the production department.

Rapid progress from year to year makes PT. NIFA PERSADA TEKNINDO must expand its place to be in line with the needs and desires of consumers.

With the convenience provided by Allah SWT and cooperation assistance from related people, PT. NIFA PERSADA TEKNINDO is building a better location for businesses that are in line with the company’s vision and mission.

The new building that we are building will be able to be occupied by mid 2020. We are committed to a good future in the field of manufacturing, a leading building for green work patterns and government standards. Our vision is that buildings and human resources will regenerate and maintain product quality and job security in one generation. Our mission is to change the way your buildings and needs are designed, built and operated, enabling environmentally and socially responsible.

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