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The New Face of the NFA

New Building of PT Nifa Persada Teknindo

New Location, New Building, New Logo

With the convenience provided by Allah SWT and cooperation assistance from related people, PT. NIFA PERSADA TEKNINDO builds better locations for businesses that are in line with the company’s vision and mission.

The new buildings we build will be liveable by mid-2020. We are committed to a good future in manufacturing, leading buildings for green work patterns and government standards. Our vision is that buildings and human resources will grow back and maintain product quality and job security within a generation. Our mission is to change the way your buildings and needs are designed, built and operated, enabling environmental and social responsibility.

PTFE Lining Vessel/Tank

PTFE Lining PTFE Tank/Vessel PTFE lining Tanks or Vessels PTFE lined vessel and tank can be employed in various processes, such as: Washing Distillation or rectification Absorption columns for Hcl/Hbr, etc. Liquid extraction Reactors Storage tanks. We do our work according to the specifications requested by consumers, we work on the fabrication process, check fabrication

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Vertical Rubber Lining Tank 1400mm

Vertical Rubber Lining Tank 1400mm Rubber lining is a material that is intended to be resistant to chemicals. Specifications Rubber Lining for Tank (for Chemical). Rubber lining tanks are widely used in tanks, NFA has the opportunity at this time to develop our products in tank fabrication and do lining, lining that we can work

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Indonesia Sectoral Industries

NFA News Indonesia Industry Sector The role of PT. Nifa Persada Teknindo towards Indonesia’s sectoral industries The Industrial Sector in Indonesia must be boosted even though Corona is still hitting Indonesia in early 2021. At first we say, Happy New Year 2021 to all Indonesian customers and people. The incomplete Corona in Indonesia does not

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Types of PTFE Raw Material

NFA Product Type of PTFE Raw Material Virgin PTFE Sheet Virgin PTFE Sheet Virgin PTFE Sheet Made from 100% PTFE Resin, PTFE Sheets Exibiting Extreme Resistance Chemical and Solvent and provides Excellent Thermally. PTFE Sheet Properties: Temperature: -200 degC – up to +260 degC. Excellent resistance to low and high temperatures. Excellent resistance to chemicals

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